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Precision Turbo & Engine

Precision Turbo & Engine Blow-Off Valve, 50mm

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Precision Turbo and Engine PTE blow-off valves are good for your turbo. They offer several styles to meet your performance needs. All are meticulously crafted from billet aluminum and finished with a durable black anodize for high-quality looks and performance.

Styles and features of Precision Turbo and Engine blow-off valves:

* PTE 30mm and 50mm BOVs are lightweight and compact in size, making them perfect for a vast majority of turbocharged applications. Adjustments are seamless without the need to remove the entire assembly from your vehicle
* PTE 64mm BOVs are extremely innovative without sacrificing durability or performance, while providing the highest flow available and tremendous tuning ability.

Designed to release back-up pressure created when the throttle is closed via a spring-loaded valve diaphragm assembly, they are key components for preventing potentially harmful compressor surge backed into the turbocharger to reduce wear on both turbo and engine. Packaged with weld-on aluminum mounting flange, spring adjustment screw, and two top ports for ultimate versatility and adjustability.