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Powerhouse Racing

Powerhouse Racing Modified Oil Pump for 1993-98 Supra TT

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Powerhouse Racing recommends their Modified Oil Pump:
"The OEM oil pump is prone to front main seal failure under high boost conditions. We modify the oil pump to reduce pressure at the front main seal, raise oil pressure to increase internal flow, and check and clearance the rotor assembly. All pumps are hand-modified to ensure the highest quality.
OE pumps are prone to leaking from the relief valve cap straight from the factory, something you won't discover until you fire your fresh build up for the first time. PHR has CNC-machined their own cap with a double o-ring seal, included with every modified oil pump, helping you avoid a costly and time consuming disassembly process to get to a leak."

Part #: 01011009

Application: 2JZ-GTE engines (Mark IV Toyota Supra Turbo 1993-1998)