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ACL Thrust Washers for Honda/Acura Engines (Pre-order)

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ACL thrust washers prevent the crankshaft from moving around. Keeping it in line with all of the other critical moving engine parts. It also helps the crankshaft to better stand up to stresses from clutch and flywheel operation. These work in conjunction with ACL Rod & Main bearings.

Part # 1T1957-STD

Honda B16A, B17A1, B18A1, B18B1, B18B2 & B18A, B20A (SOHC only) & B18C1, B18C2, B18C5, B18C7 & B20A, B21A, B21A1 (DOHC only) & B20B, B20Z & D16A, D16B, D16W, D16Y, D16Z K20A3 & K20A2, K20Z1, K24A, K24Z1 & K20C1